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What Is An RF Module??

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What Is An RF Module ?

The radio frequency module is one of the modules of the reader system, which is responsible for loading and transmitting radio frequency signals and processing the returned data signals into the intelligent unit of the reader.

There are two main tasks implemented by the radio frequency module.

The first one is to modulate (load) the command that the reader wants to send to the radio frequency tag to the radio frequency signal (also known as the radio frequency operating frequency of the reader/RFID tag), sent via the transmit antenna. The transmitted radio frequency signal (which may contain command information to the tag) is transmitted (irradiated) to the radio frequency tag through space, and the radio frequency tag responds to the radio frequency signal irradiated on it, forming a reflected echo back to the reader/writer antenna Signal.

The second task of the radio frequency module is to realize the necessary processing of returning the echo signal of the radio frequency tag back to the reader, and demodulate (unload) it to extract the data returned by the radio frequency tag.

The Function Of The RF Module

RF modules have many uses and are used in almost all electronic devices with RF.

For example: the radio frequency module of the mobile phone, the radio frequency module of the GPS receiver for navigation, the tuner of the TV (also a form of the radio frequency module).

The function of the radio frequency module is to convert radio signals into wired electrical signals, or vice versa. Why do we separate wired electrical signals from radio signals? Because of the particularity of radio signals, the signal is weak, and the interference is very strong.

In the circuit, we usually separate them from the general circuit, and separate all aspects, such as power supply, ground wire, space and so on.

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