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The Type-F RF Coaxial Connectors

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RF connectors (RF coaxial connectors) are generally used with coaxial cables. The shielding effectiveness of RF connectors is generally better. Today, take a brief look at the F-type RF coaxial connector.


The F-type connector is a radio frequency connector that everyone will see in daily life. It is widely used in the fields of cable TV, satellite TV, cable modem and TV connection. It can be used in places with impedance matching requirements or in non-matching places. It is characterized by threaded connection and easy insertion. Stable performance. Invented by Eric Winston in the early 1950s, the F-connector became a common connector for VHF TV antennas in the United States in the 1970s. The price of the F-type connector is very low, the characteristic impedance is 75 ohms, and the highest frequency can generally be supported to 1GHz or 2.4GHz. The Pasternack 75 Ohm Type F connector assortment includes 7 part numbers, most of which are RoHS and REACH compliant. 75 Ohm F-type connectors are used as terminations to connect to coaxial cables, printed circuit boards (PCBs), or terminal blocks. The structure is divided into male or female, and the impedance specification is 75 ohms. 75 Ohm F-type connectors are available in straight or right-angle shapes, as well as bulkheads, 4-hole panels, or mounting-free. These 75 Ohm F-type connectors are available in compression, crimp/solder, solder or knob terminations in standard and precision performance grades and are available in brass or stainless steel.


75 Ohm Type F Male Straight Connector, Crimp/Solder Accessory, for Coax RG6-CATV, Three Piece Crimp Connector

75 Ohm Type F Right Angle Male Compression Connector for Coax PE-B159, 1855A, Mini 59

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