Precision Metal Stamping

Precision sheet metal stamping services deliver a fast and efficient method of producing durable, high-quality parts for the world’s most specialized industries. With metal stamping presses built to handle capacities up to 440 tons and precision stamping dies and tooling that we make in-house, we can create parts as thin as 0.005” while maintaining tolerances that often exceed industry standards.

We are able to build over 30M pieces per month. At Sinrui, our experts can produce highly detailed custom stamped metal parts and components that meet all customer design specifications. We serve customers across all industries and deliver short- to medium-run metal stampings and sheet metal prototyping for parts and components of all sizes and shapes.

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Production Capabilities For Precision Metal Stamping

The following processes are used for high precision custom sheet metal fabrication blanking: laser cutting, turret press, and waterjet cutting.

Uses similar machinery as blanking and involves using a punch and die to create holes, slots, and notches in sheet metal. It forms tight tolerances, produces a cleaner cut than drilling, and is more productive than laser cutting.

Includes different processes where force is applied to sheet metal to modify its geometry and create thin, flat pieces that can then be formed into more complex shapes.

A process where tensile force is used to stretch or draw sheet metal blanks over a die until the desired thickness and shape are achieved. This precision metal stamping process is used to create fluid handling, aircraft parts, electronic components, and more.

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Sheet Metal Prototyping Services

Sheet Metal Prototyping Services. Our rapid sheet metal stamping capabilities are ideal for metal prototype fabrication. We will work with you to develop prototypes and samples that enable you to test your part designs for proper fit, form, and function. Sheet metal prototyping helps ensure precision and on-time deliveries while reducing overall project costs.

Custom-Made Precision Stamping Dies

Stamping dies are custom-made tools used with a stamping press to cut or form sheet metal into the desired shape. In most cases, every metal stamping tool is made specifically for the project at hand. Stamping dies are typically manufactured from tool steel, which is hard enough to cut most other types of metal while maintaining the tolerances the stamped part requires. Our tool and die makers have the expertise to create high-precision metal stamping tools that will accurately reproduce even the most complex part shapes.