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Technical Details

The SMA connector is a semi-precision sub-miniature RF and microwave connector that is extensively used, especially for RF connections within electronic systems for frequencies up to 18 GHz and sometimes more.

The SMA connector comes in a variety formats, male, female, straight, right-angled, bulkhead fitting and many more enabling it to meet most requirements. Its sub-miniature size also enables it to be used, even within relatively small items of electronic equipment.

Although now well established, the SMA connector is likely to see its use extended as many new RF systems see their operating frequencies extending well into the microwave region.Although SMA connectors look very similar to the standard household connectors used for domestic satellite TV and other similar applications. These domestic connectors are called F type coax connectors and they have a 75Ω impedance. They have a different diameter and cannot mate with SMA connectors – they would need a special adaptor and then there would be an impedance mismatch.

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