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N-J5Y To N-J5Y LMR190 L=610mm

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Technical Details

Coaxial cable assemblies are an ideal solution for transmitting RF signals from one connection to the next within a system. They are most often used to connect a Printed Circuit Board (PCBs) to other PCBs but can also be used for I/O connections and to connect external antennas to wireless modules. Assemblies can vary in length from 0.98 inches (25 mm) to 1200 inches (100 feet) with various configurations (female (jack) to female, male (plug) to male, female to male, male to female), orientation (straight, right-angle) and mounting (bulkhead) options. These attributes, along with unique design features, allow standard assemblies to meet the specific design requirements of various applications across markets.

Our line of high-performance precision test cables (ATC-PS) feature additional phase stable and low loss capabilities which makes them ideal for test and measurement laboratory usage. Custom cable assemblies are available and offer a more tailored solution than standard products.

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