Precision Stamping

Precision Metal Stamping
At Sinrui, we specialize in precision sheet metal stamping for various industries. With state-of-the-art stamping presses capable of handling loads up to 440 tons, we fabricate high-quality, durable parts as thin as 0.005”, maintaining superior precision often beyond industry standards.

Our production line, robustly designed, churns out over 30 million pieces monthly. Our experienced team meticulously creates custom stamped metal parts, adhering to all client design specifications. We cater to diverse industries and manage short- to medium-run metal stampings and sheet metal prototyping, handling parts of all sizes and shapes.

We also excel in producing overmolded connector assemblies through a low-pressure injection molding process. This technique bonds a sturdy layer over the cable assembly, resulting in a high-quality overmold. The process enhances the assembly's performance and provides mechanical strain relief and robust protection for circular connectors. At Sinrui, our continuous innovation strives to deliver top-notch products to our valued customers.

Blanking Blanking encompasses the utilization of advanced techniques such as laser cutting, turret press operations, and waterjet cutting, precision methods used to cut sheet metal into defined shapes or sizes with remarkable accuracy. Sinrui's low-pressure injection molding encapsulates the backshell area of cable assembly connectors using thermoplastic material, yielding robust, visually-pleasing assemblies with enhanced UV resistance. This technique also provides environmental protection for overmolded PCB assemblies. Piercing Relying on similar machinery as used in blanking, piercing involves a punch and die process to create apertures, slots, and notches in sheet metal. It offers finer tolerances, renders a cleaner cut compared to drilling, and delivers higher productivity than laser cutting. Forming This process involves a variety of techniques where external force is applied to sheet metal, altering its geometry to yield thin, flat pieces. These can subsequently be morphed into more intricate configurations, in line with specific design requirements. Drawing Drawing involves the application of tensile force to stretch or draw sheet metal blanks over a die, until the target thickness and form are attained. This precision metal stamping process is pivotal in the production of a range of products, including fluid handling components, aircraft parts, and electronic devices, among others. Low-Pressure Injection: We collaborate with clients on custom mold creation or existing mold modification via inserts for cost-efficiency. Leveraging a decade-long experience, we assure timely delivery of the correct tooling, made from materials like tool steel or aluminum, based on usage expectations. Tailored Tooling: Our default encapsulant is a UV-stabilized, black thermoplastic compound, offering environmental protection. However, based on your application, we can modify the formulation or color to satisfy your project's specific overmolding material needs. We prioritize providing the right material formulation for maximum performance. Optimal Material Selection: Our custom overmolded connectors, used across automotive, industrial, medical, and military sectors, provide watertight seals, abrasion resistance, improved strain relief, and flexibility for your sensitive components. Despite environmental moisture, the durability of our cable assemblies is uncompromised. Plus, overmolding enhances aesthetic appeal, embodying performance and durability. Customer-centric Results: Overmolding Precision Metal Stamping We offer rapid sheet metal stamping for metal prototype fabrication. Collaborating closely with you, we develop prototypes that enable design testing for fit, form, and function, ensuring precision, punctual deliveries, and reduced project costs.

Our stamping dies are bespoke tools crafted for each project, utilized with a stamping press to cut or shape sheet metal. Manufactured typically from tool steel, these dies maintain required tolerances while cutting various metals. Our skilled tool and die makers excel in creating high-precision metal stamping tools to replicate even the most complex designs.
The overmolding process leverages insert or injection molding techniques to seamlessly integrate wires and connectors into a unified component. Typically, the cable assembly is positioned within a mold, after which thermoplastic materials are introduced through injection. Upon cooling, this process yields a product perfectly conforming to the geometry of the employed mold, resulting in an integral, robust design.