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How To Customize The Right Antenna Product?

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Generally, many customers start to consider the antenna problem at the end of product development, which brings a lot of problems to the antenna designer and the antenna performance. It will waste a lot of time and cost in troubleshooting and debugging, which is not worth the loss. This article will introduce several commonly used antennas and give design suggestions based on the actual use experience in engineering, which is convenient for everyone to use and learn.

Classification According To Antenna Material And Use:

  • First: The on-board antenna (that is, the integrated antenna on the PCB), which is etched from the PCB, has low cost, but has limited performance and good adjustability. It can be used in Bluetooth and WiFi wireless communication modules in large quantities. Engineering this is a bit of a headache.
  • Second: SMT patch antenna (patch ceramic antenna), the most commonly used is the ceramic antenna, the use area ratio is relatively small, the integration is high, easy to replace, suitable for products with small space requirements, but the bandwidth of this type of antenna is small .
  • Third: Flexible board FPC antenna, connected by feeder or thimble, free installation, high gain, usually can be pasted on the non-metallic shell of the machine with adhesive backing, suitable for products with high performance requirements and sufficient shell space.
  • Fourth: External glue stick antenna, good performance, no need to debug, easy to replace, high gain, suitable for various terminal equipment. But the only downside is that it is more expensive.
  • Fifth: SMD suction cup antenna, this kind of antenna is generally used in metal shell products, which can be attached to the metal shell through magnets, or attached to the shell machine through 3M glue, and the product is relatively large and connected through a longer feeder.

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