The following information about your application will help determine if a connector system can meet the signal integrity requirements: – System Topology: point-to-point, multi-drop, point-to-many-point, Star, etc – Termination Type: Parallel (one/both ends), Products, Active, RC, none – Clocking/Data Recovery: synchronous, asynchronous, source synchronous, CDR – Signaling Type: Single-Ended or Differential – Data Encoding: Binary, PAM-2, PAM-4, etc – Signal Technology: examples include LVTTL, SSTL-2, Rambus, LVDS, PECL, CMOS, GTL+ – Signal Data Rate: specified in Mbps or Gbps – Signal Edge Rate: specify 10/90 or 20/80 – System Impedance – specified in ohms along with tolerance (e.g., +/- 10%) – Crosstalk Requirements: specified at receiver (in % of voltage swing or dB) – Skew to make educated recommendations.