Custom Solutions
Leveraging 30 years of expertise in interconnect engineering, Sinrui delivers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions, from concept development to quality assurance, all customized for optimal client satisfaction.

With a persistent commitment to R&D investment, we maintain a competitive edge in the industry, advancing human expertise, refining processes, and employing cutting-edge software/hardware. This commitment empowers us to offer a diverse portfolio of innovative solutions, constantly improving and integrating the latest technological developments.

Sinrui provides robust technical support and bespoke product solutions, expertly crafted to meet each client's unique application requirements and fuel their innovation.
The most critical element in customizing connectors is "Reliability". Only a connector that can maintain consistent performance under various conditions and over time is valuable to the customer. Design for reliability includes careful consideration of the materials used, the environmental conditions the connector will be exposed to, and the expected life cycle of the product.

Sinrui prioritizes superior engineering in the fabrication of RF products, adhering to stringent parameters such as "High Precision", "High Frequency", "Low VSWR", "Minimal Insertion Loss", and an uncompromising commitment to "Superior Quality". These principles are at the core of our manufacturing process, enabling us to ensure consistent and reliable performance in every product we deliver.
Major Services R&D Capacity Flexible Customization previous one next one 1.Extensive Interconnect Solutions

2.Cable Assembly Expertise

3.Precision Metal Stamping & Insert Molding Solutions

4.Automated Production and Design

5.Versatility in Scenario Applications

6.Wide range of interconnect solutions
Major distinct advantage R&D service 1.Robust New Product Development Procedure

2.Integration of DFM (Design for Manufacturing)

3.3D Printing for Prototyping and Solution Exploration

4.Comprehensive Lab Capacity for Verification

5.Experienced and Knowledgeable Engineers in the Interconnect Industry
Tailored solutions 1.Water-proof Design

2.Anti-EMI Design

3.Signal Integrity

4.Thermal Management

5.Harsh Environment Applications

6.Customized Automated Machinery

7.Customized Tooling
As a trusted partner, Sinrui is by your side from concept to product realization. Our interactive collaboration refines prototypes into more compact, robust, and cost-effective iterations. Concept-to-product realization. Bespoke offerings Leveraging our comprehensive design library, Sinrui ensures prompt, cost-efficient project execution, unmatched in delivering custom subassemblies within an impressive 8-week window and offering custom components within a 1-2 day turnaround. Swift, bespoke solutions At Sinrui, a solid project foundation is key. Our engineers engage in an initial customer collaboration, providing vital feedback and solutions, conducting thorough feasibility reviews, and optimizing block diagrams to augment program success. Leverage our proficiency Our proactive design investment ethos guarantees product availability aligned with customer needs. Utilizing a design library with over 5,000 components, we use mature designs as a springboard, minimizing uncertainty and expediting hardware assembly.