THE VISION year EST. 2005 location_on location 4th Floor,Build 7, Huafeng Techpark
Bao'an District,518000, Shenzhen
5K+ Products Who We Are Sinrui Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, is a trusted partner that supports customers throughout their entire journey. With a 40,000+ square feet facility dedicated to design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing, we cater to a global customer base. Our focus is on supplying a wide range of custom connectors and solutions that can be scaled for high-volume production, addressing any concerns related to quality, pricing, or lead time.

As an ISO9001:2015 certified business, we operate in the high-tech city of Shenzhen, known for its innovation and technological advancements. We provide specialized services for cable and connector prototyping, including value engineering for existing products. Our unique stocking program ensures that we can meet our customers' production volume requirements and keep pace with their growth. This program covers finished goods connectors, cable assemblies, and other completed product builds, providing flexibility to our customers.
In case of an emergency support, please dial this number immediately:
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“We thrive by creating industry-changing technically cost-performance effective products for the most complex applicational systems.” Our Mission “We’re on a mission to design and manufacture high-performance components and subassemblies that support engineers working on traditional, trendy and emerging applications for connectivity. We are as committed to delivering a quality product as we are to delivering a quality customer experience. And we want to be the best to do business with globally. ” Our Vision “We thrive by creating industry-changing technically cost-performance effective products for the most complex applicational systems.” Our Passion "Our dedication lies in enhancing the experience for design engineers. Our principal goal is to aid our clients, motivating us to furnish an optimum array of tools, knowledge, and services for everyone requiring assistance in the domain of connector supplies." Honesty "Recognizing the intrinsic and diverse strengths of each individual is at the root of our philosophy. We believe in operating with respect and trust." Mission&Vision
Solve the Unsolvable. As a manufacturer, we commit to professionalism, collaboration, innovation, and social responsibility, with our teams, customers, and partners at the core of our mission. Always attuned to your needs, we aim to exceed expectations and foster growth through mutual trust and dedication. We are unwavering in our promise to stay at the forefront of your journey, constantly delivering value, and fostering a vibrant, innovative ecosystem. Accountability "We inspire the audacious assumption of more significant responsibilities and the relentless pursuit of loftier objectives." Result-orientation "Our focus is laser-sharp on achieving desired results, and our corporate goals form the bedrock of our operations." Customer Satisfaction "Customer service is our priority, and hence, accomplishing complete customer satisfaction is of utmost importance." Pursuit of The Limit "We dare to challenge our experiential limits and the prevailing norms, finding gratification in transcending boundaries to excel."

Social Responsibility We are deeply invested in the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). These principles form the pillars of our commitment to responsible and sustainable operations. We understand the important role of corporate entities like us in Environmental Protection, and we continuously work towards fulfilling our responsibilities.

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Contact us arrow_right Sinrui has been staunchly dedicated to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since their inception in 2015. We believe that our corporate values should be closely intertwined with creating a positive impact on society. The 17 goals provided by the SDGs act as our guide, informing our initiatives, and shaping our direction. We have identified five key domains to concentrate our resources on to effect the greatest change by 2030.